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SETA Organic SETA Organic
2 g de Curcuma/portion | 8 ingrédients | 20 portions

Turmeric Latte

Anti-inflammatory | Antioxidant | Soothing
  • Commonly known as golden milk, our Turmeric Latte mix is a comforting drink with anti-inflammatory properties. A blend of superfoods working in perfect harmony to create a deliciously smooth latte with just a hint of spice. This healthy drink can be enjoyed at any time of day and will surely brighten up your daily routine with its gorgeous golden colour!

    ● Soothing taste of turmeric with a tasty blend of spices

    ● 2 g turmuric/portion

    ● Organic turmeric from our partner, Clef des Champs

    ● No caffeine, no stevia, no added flavors, and no preservatives

    ● Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free

    ● Contains 99% organic ingredients

    ● Compostable packaging

    ● 1% of sales are donated to Refuge Pageau, an organization that temporarily shelters wild animals in need

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1 % to a good cause

Sans OGM - Non-GMO sans gluten - gluten free Végane - Vegan sans produits laitiers - dairy-free sans caféine - caffeine free fait au Canada - Made in Canada fait au Québec - Made in Québec

A tasty beverage teeming with health benefits!

Our Turmeric Latte blend (golden milk) is inspired by a traditional Ayurvedic wellness recipe and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. The result? A caffeine-free beverage consumed for its many health benefits. In our blend, we combine ingredients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, including turmeric, ginger and maitake mushroom. A delicious and soothing latte that will nourish your body...and your soul!

8 carefully selected ingredients

High quality organic turmeric

We collaborate with Clef des Champs, a company based in the Laurentians which specializes in the cultivation of medicinal plants. Since our labour of love is supplying organic and high quality ingredients, it was only natural for us to collaborate with our neighbors to the north. For our blend, the Clef des Champs team offered us turmeric with a mild taste and a beautiful golden color which mixes perfectly with ginger, cinnamon and our authentic vanilla from Madagascar. A true delight!

4 easy steps to preparing your Turmeric Latte

1) Pour ½ cup (125 ml) of water and ½ cup (125 ml) of your favorite plant-based milk into a mason jar.

2) Add 1.5 c. tsp of our Turmeric Latte blend. 

3) Stir well until a homogenous mixture is achieved. For a creamy, soft and smooth texture, use a milk frother.

4) For a sweet touch, add the sugar of your choice.

Our Turmeric Latte blend is the perfect addition to smoothies, energy balls, or any of your other favorite recipes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Janick Ladouceur

Un délice pour les papilles
Pas facile de ne pas en abuser
Quand, on a des invités, ça nous fait plaisir de leurs présenter notre découverte 🫖
Je vous défie d’essayer

Nadia Lecompte
Turmeric latte

Delicious and comforting!

Nancy Michaud

J’adore ce latté ! Comme j’ai le bec sucré j’ajoute une touche de sirop d’érable, il ne me reste qu’à déguster un breuvage concocté avec des ingrédients santé qui goûte merveilleusement bon !

Danièle Labre
Turmeric Latte

Delicious :)

Nathalie Bordeleau
Taking care of myself

This latte is to spoil my body and my soul.