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SETA Organic SETA Organic
Avec Yerba Maté | 6 ingrédients | 20 portions

Beetroot Latte

Natural energy | Mental Clarity | Antioxidant
  • As refreshing as it is energizing, our Beetroot Latte (AKA our Pink latte) is the perfect beverage to start your day off right! A blend of superfoods including beet and Yerba Maté, known to provide natural energy. With its beautiful pink hue, this nectar is as pretty as it is easy to integrate into your wellness routine.

    ● The fruity and naturally sweet taste of beets with a mildly bitter finish

    ● Contains Yerba Maté for a stimulating effect

    ● Organic Canadian beets from our partner, Inuli Flora

    ● No added sugar, no stevia, no added flavors, and no preservatives

    ● Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free

    ● Contains 100% organic ingredients

    ● Recyclable/compostable packaging

    ● 1% of sales are donated to Refuge Pageau, an organization that temporarily shelters wild animals in need

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1 % to a good cause

Sans OGM - Non-GMO sans gluten - gluten free Végane - Vegan sans produits laitiers - dairy-free sans sucre ajouté - caffeine free fait au Canada - Made in Canada fait au Québec - Made in Québec

A healthy alternative to coffee

Our Beetroot Latte mix is the perfect pick-me-up to help you increase your daily energy levels. This energizing beverage can be consumed in the morning as well as in the afternoon. It contains a synergistic combination of ingredients, including Yerba Maté, a plant native to Latin America and known for its long-lasting energizing effects. The synergy of ingredients (beet, Yerba Maté and Rhodiola) will wake you up without the agitation so often caused by coffee.

6 carefully selected ingredients

High quality organic beet

We collaborate with Inuli Flora, a Canadian company specializing in the cultivation and dehydration of Quebec foods with high nutritional content. From a farm located in Acton Vale in the province of Quebec, the Inuli Flora team offers us organic beets from within a circular economy. With its beautiful pink color and authentic taste, this variety of beets combines perfectly with coconut milk, Yerba Maté, and the tartness of lemon. A little sweetness you won't be able to do without!

4 easy steps to preparing your Beetroot Latte

1) Pour ½ cup (125 ml) of water and ½ cup (125 ml) of your favorite plant-based milk into a mason jar.

2) Add 1 tbsp. of our Beetroot Latte blend. 

3) Stir well until a homogenous mixture is achieved. For a creamy, soft and smooth texture, use a milk frother.

4) For a sweet touch, add the sugar of your choice.

Our Beetroot Latte blend is the perfect addition to smoothies, energy balls, or any of your other favorite recipes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Claire Lemay

J'adore mon late à la betterave il est délicieux ❤️

Stéphanie Debien-Dubé
Mon préféré !

Je l'adore. En smooties avec des mangues, du lait et du yogourt d'avoine, du beurre d'amande, des pousses de tournesols, un peu de gingembre et un peu de curcuma.

Quelle belle surprise

C’est vraiment un de mes coups de cœur dans la collection SETA. Je rajoute rien et le bois tel quel! Vraiment bon!

Nicole Lebel
Surprenant !

Wow, quel agencement magique, la betterave sous un jour nouveau, c’est délicieux. Ça me donne un boost d’énergie délicat et soutenu, c’est un pur délice. Boire la santé n’a jamais eu si bon goût !

sophie carbonneau

Il est délicieux mais le plus dispendieux des lattes