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Protéine + Fibres + Fer | 20 portions

Water lentils powder (also known as Duckweed) - Green Superfood

Vitality | Satiety | Digestive Health
  • Consumed for thousands of years in Southeast Asia, Water Lentil, also known as duckweed and LENTEIN, is an aquatic plant that lives on the surface of the water. It’s considered one of the most nutrient-dense plants on earth and is among the most powerful green superfoods out there. It will raise the nutritional value of many of your favorite smoothies and recipes.

    ● A Plant-based protein which contains the 9 essential amino acids

    ● An antioxidants, and a natural source of vitamin B12, fiber, calcium, and iron

    ● Non-GMO, 100% natural, gluten-free and hypoallergenic

    ● No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours

    ● Suitable for vegan, vegetarian and ketogenic diets

    ● Sustainably grown in Florida

    ● 100% recyclable packaging

    ● 1% of sales are donated to Refuge Pageau, an organization that temporarily houses wild animals in need

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One of the most nutritious superfoods on earth

Water lentil benefits

Supplies natural energy

Water Lentil is one of the only scientifically proven sources of vitamin B12 found in the plant world. When you cut back on meat, it can be challenging to get your daily dose of vitamin B12. B vitamins help the body convert food into glucose, which in turn helps your body generate clean, natural energy.

Induces a feeling of fullness

Water Lentil is 45% protein and each serving contains 5 grams’ worth. It provides your body with essential amino acids integral to its proper functioning. Water Lentil is also a good source of BCAAs, which help you perform well at sports!

Promotes digestive health

A perfect blend of insoluble fiber to promote regular bowel movements and soluble fiber to nourish your microbiome. Getting enough dietary fiber is a key factor in maintaining your body’s overall well-being.

Maintains a good immune system

Water Lentil provides antioxidants like polyphenols and beta-carotene to help you fight free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. It also provides minerals essential to your health, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, which help maintain a healthy immune system.

From sustainable agriculture in Florida