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11 g protéine | 7 ingrédients | 15 portions (315 g)

Plant-based protein - Cocoa

Superaliments + Adaptogènes
  • Our plant-based protein is the perfect addition to your favorite recipes. It has a creamy and delicious texture, without any aftertaste! This blend of superfoods and adaptogens work in perfect synergy to help you maintain optimal health and vitality.

    ● 11 g protein, 3 g fibre/serving

    ● Contains the 9 essential amino acids

    ● Natural, slightly chocolatey taste with a touch of hazelnut. Will not alter the flavor of your recipes

    ● High quality cocoa from our partner Avanaa, grown in a farming cooperative in Peru

    ● No added flavors, stevia, gums or preservatives

    ● Non-GMO, gluten-free, and allergen-free

    ● 100% compostable packaging

    ● 1% of sales are donated to Refuge Pageau, an organization that temporarily houses wild animals in need

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1 % to a good cause

Sans OGM - Non-GMO sans gluten - gluten free Végane - Vegan sans aromes ajoutées - no added flavorings sans gommes - no gums fait au Canada - Made in Canada fait au Québec - Made in Québec

The taste of nature in a superfood blend

Despite the many plant-based protein powders on the market, we couldn't find one that was 100% natural and without a questionable aftertaste. So we decided to bring our vision to life by creating our very own blend! Our plant-based protein has a soft and creamy texture and can be added to your recipes without altering their taste. It’s ideal for satisfying that morning craving or serving as an afternoon snack. 

7 carefully selected ingredients

Only authentic goodness in our plant-based protein!

High quality organic cocoa

Our cocoa is grown equitably in the Piura region of Peru, the product of several farm cooperatives contributing to the local economy of the territory. Our partner Avanaa develops uniquely flavoured upscale chocolates in support of sustainable agriculture. For the creation of our plant-based protein, the Avanaa team recommended an organic Peruvian cocoa with notes of vanilla, a mellow yet full-bodied addition which brings a rich and creamy texture to our blend.  

How to use our plant-based protein

Add 3 tbsp. of our plant-based protein to your favorite vegan milk. Use a milk frother to achieve a smooth, creamy texture. Our plant-based protein is the perfect addition to your smoothie recipes and is an excellent way to optimize the nutritional intake of snack foods like energy balls or granola bars. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brigitte Dumoulin

Je suis TRÈS satisfaite, de plus j'ai apprécié les cartons détaillés. Heureuse d'encourager un couple entrepreneurs du Québec

Isabelle D.
Excellent product!

Excellent product! A must-have for my breakfast :)

Sophie L.
Very good proteins, not too sweet

Very good protein, not too sweet unlike others on the market. A little powdery but very good.

Geneviève A.
Very good!

This is what I've been looking for!

Merci beaucoup Geneviève :blush: On est vraiment content que notre protéine te plaise :green_heart:

Manon P.
My first tasting

My first tasting, with only water, didn't taste so good. The second one, with oat milk, was better. For me, it is a taste that I am getting used to and that I appreciate more and more. It is a product that has very good virtues. I encourage people to try it...

Merci pour ton commentaire Manon ! En effet, nous suggérons fortement d’ajouter notre Protéine à base de plantes à un lait végétal. Puisque nous utilisons que des ingrédients 100 % naturels, sans arômes ajoutés et édulcorants, notre protéine est idéale à intégrer à des recettes telles que smoothies ou desserts. Nous laissons mère nature révéler son gout authentique ! :blush: