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My top 10 favourite alternatives to coffee

Mes 10 alternatives préférées au café - SETA Organic

I love coffee, but sometimes it feels good to do something different. Why resolve to drink the same beverage every morning, or even several times a day, when nature has so much to offer us? Besides, you've probably already experienced it yourself: headaches, burning sensation in the stomach, anxiety, palpitations, difficulty sleeping... The list of side effects is long when you abuse this little drink! So what to drink when you need a good energy boost, without the inconvenience of coffee?


Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, after water and coffee. Its many benefits will convince you to drink more: antioxidant, thirst-quenching, invigorating and soothing, to name a few! There are many varieties to choose from, for all tastes: black, chai, green, matcha, etc. I love black tea because of its high caffeine content, tannins and copper color, reminiscent of coffee. I particularly like to drink it in London fogLondon fog, a hot drink made with Earl Grey tea, a blend of black tea flavored with bergamot, frothed milk and vanilla syrup. Chai tea, a slightly sweet drink with a blend of spices such as star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger, is also a super comforting and tasty alternative to coffee! As for green tea, it is perfect for gently waking up, and it is really interesting to consume it on a daily basis for all the virtues it confers, notably its anti-aging properties on the skin cells and the stimulation of the digestive process contributing significantly to weight loss. Finally, my favorite green tea is definitely the Matcha for its unique herbaceous, aromatic taste and velvety texture. Prepared traditionally or as a latté, it is smooth and creamy in the mouth, comforting when enjoyed hot and how refreshing when enjoyed iced, perfect for hot summer days!

Yerba Mate

This drink, consumed since the dawn of time by the indigenous peoples of Paraguay and Brazil, was a recent discovery for me. It is characterized by a concentrated and bitter taste of wild grass. Among its benefits, it helps to increase concentration and fight against mental and physical fatigue, relieves headaches and promotes weight loss. An ally when you need to be concentrated for a long time and super productive!


Guarana is a plant, a liana to be precise, native to the Brazilian Amazon whose seeds contain the highest level of caffeine in the world, which makes it an excellent alternative to coffee! Its taste is bitter, reminiscent of the earth. Unlike coffee, guarana's caffeine is released into the body more slowly, so its energizing effects are more powerful and longer lasting than those of coffee.

Caffeine-free alternatives

Looking for non-caffeinated alternatives as well? I'm sharing my favorites with you: the golden milkI'm sharing my favourites with you: the turmeric, pepper, coconut, ginger and plant-based milk smoothies - the endless possibilities of fruits, vegetables, proteins and plant-based milk allow me to satisfy my craving for health and freshness one day and my craving for sweetness the next. I also love to vary with herbal teas, lemon ginger and peppermint are my favorites, and juices squeezed from fresh, organic ingredients.

So, what are you waiting for to test these different alternatives? Identify your favourites and alternate them from day to day, to get the most out of the benefits Mother Nature has to offer!

Marie-Pier Longchamps, M. Sc.

Co-founder of Your Wellness Corner

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